Art Department Model Maker

Released December 2016

Having worked on The Force Awakens, I was privileged when asked to return as a Model Maker to help with the development of Rogue One. Under Co-Production Designers, Neil Lamont and Doug Chiang, I worked on the development of the Rebel U-Wing, Imperial Tank on Jedda and The Minning Ship. I was also hands on with general art department models duties such as 3D printing, kit basing dressing for the model sets and producing model assets for the franchise department.

The highlight for me, was George Lucas signing the first U-Wing model that was later displayed in the reception of ILM’s head quarters in San Francisco.

Art Directors Guild Nominee

For Excellence in Production Design Award

My work.

See below a gallery of conceptual models that includes a painted U-Wing. You’ll also see the first U-Wing that was build and signed by George Lucas at the ILM HQ. In addition the Imperial Tank used on Jedda.

Designing The U-Wing.

Explained by Doug Chiang.

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